Another Pony Needs A Recue


I took my camera out for a walk finally. I got some unexpected shots along with the typical fall standards. This was one of the first, right around the corner of my street. This sad sight was in the ditch, and that is a pet food bag behind it. I am not sure of the original owner, but too bad they could not have dropped it off at goodwill instead polluting. Heck, I might go back and pull it out and cover it with quick-crete to make a faux statue. I am hoping the pet food bag blew there in the wind. It is possible that someone dumped off kittens there and with half an ounce of false concern left them some kibble to survive on.

I also took Ashley for a walk in the woods. I yelled loudly, so the hunters knew I had a right to walk at the state park too. As you can tell, I made it back without being shot. At least this time. There was more cars parked along the road near the park. The damn hunters must be tripping over each other. I am not sure what is in season, but I saw a flock of turkeys in a field on the drive there.

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