Shut The Front Door

Never mind, the back is all exposed! I like to watch other people’s work in progress. I took a walk outside after dinner again. It was too nice not too. The bugs have taken notice. We saw mosquitos and some sort of bee with red legs. It was good to see green grass even in the frigid north.

I received good news. My purchase offer has been accepted. Step one is complete. I now have to hope the landlord is on board too. I don’t know why I feel like my dog won’t be accepted. I always worry too much. I know my thoughts will not change the outcome. I hope to concentrate on how to convert a shed into a greenhouse.

After looking up info about shingles on the internet, I believe I have my first case. I hope I don’t get them again. I have a small rash on my stomach and back, they itch like the dickens. The worse part is the shooting pain that comes without warning. Then there is the burning pain too. It is the same virus that causes chicken pox. I don’t remember having the crazy urge to itch, but I remember I had them all over. After looking at several dreadful pictures online, I am grateful I don’t have them in my eyes.

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