My Sexy New Night Wear

don't be envious

I finally received my hand splint. I am supposed to wear this every night for at least 8 hours. I usually don’t get to sleep that long, so I put it on while I use my other hand to navigate the computer. All I need are some brass knuckles,  another setup for my right hand then I will be the champ. I feel more like a chump. I am sorry you have to see my freckles, bruising, and arm hair.(borderline gross)

I went to the school, the parking lot was full. So I did not get to walk, it is closed during events. I did go to PT today so that will count for my workout. It started to snow again tonight. I hate not having a place to get gas that pumps it for you. I forgot my glove earlier today and was too much of a baby to freeze. So I froze even more later with the glove, during the wind and snow and plummeting temp. I had to take the glove off anyway to get the receipt. My tire light is still on. I won’t have to call AAA for running out of gas, but have no clue what is going on with my tires. I am definitely taking my car back to a dealer this weekend. I might have to go back to the tire place too. I paid extra for the peace of mind last February to have the tires fixed for free. Too bad I moved away from civilization where such things can be honored.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut again. It would be more thrifty to let it grow a bit, and throw it in a pony on bad hair days (9 days out of 10 lately). That is another cost I can add to having my stroke. I can’t do anything more than try to comb it into submission. I spent yesterday with a kewpie doll swirl. Today my part was straight enough, enough to accent the gray. I was going to dye it the other night, but I forgot I could not put the gloves on. I just figured I would wait until after it is cut now.

Tomorrow starts the last month of the year. Goodbye 2011, you suck, big time. This has been the worst year of my life. I am going to make sure it stays that way, and make every year from now on the best yet. I bought myself the Beatles new mix of number 1 hits. I will drive around December 1st listening to see if they made the old classics sound better.

2 thoughts on “My Sexy New Night Wear

  1. Did you get to have your choice of colors? You should write a major designer and see if they’ll do a special run of fashionable hand splints, like how Target gets Isaac Mizrahi and Missoni to design some clothes. I imagine with the increasing health issues of our population, it’s only a matter of time before such things become the norm. Everything now comes in such drab hospital “spoonful of medicine” looking colors, like beige, and conveys a sense of ugly functionality.

  2. army green would have been my last color choice, it did look Christmassy kitsch with my red doc pepper flannel pj pants…if I ordered it would have been leopard print, or alligator embossed pleather but it really does not matter much since I put it on only at night when I am alone….maybe I should design orthopedic devices for my next career, at least my shoelace buttons would come in a wider range of colors

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